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When choosing a blouse, top, or shirt sewing pattern, keep in mind the difficulty of the pattern and your skill level. Most top patterns consist of: front

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A looooong time ago, I made a gazillion peasant dresses in a cute little sleeveless version with this ruffle around the top. Loved those dresses, and so did many of you!

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Puebla Dress, Mexican Peasant Dress, China Poblana History My research on the origins of the traditional peasant dress of Mexico. The traditional folkwear of various

Peasant shirts and the summer boho trend are easy to wear thanks to this quick styling tip.

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Peasant definition, a member of a class of persons, as in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, who are small farmers or farm laborers of low social rank. See more.

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The recent frenzy over Kin’s designs aside, it’s worth considering whether the rise of Ukrainian traditional costume in fashion is more than just au courant

A blouse is a loose-fitting upper garment that was formerly worn by workmen, peasants, artists, women and children. It is typically gathered at the waist or hips (by

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